Monday, July 13, 2009

3 years down, many more to go!!!

Today is our 3rd anniversary! It actually seems like we have been together for a lot longer - but in a good way. Chris and I dated for 5 years before we got hitched, but our 3 married years together have by far been the best! I love Chris so much. He is the perfect match for me. Chris has definitely made me a stronger person. I don't know where I would be without him. Not only is Chris a great husband, but he is also a great father! I am so lucky to have him and Drake in my life! I can't wait for us experience many more adventures together.

In a not so happy note . . . Chris and I just found out that we can't rent the house we had lined up in Milwaukee. It is a long story but basically they decided to sell the house. So Chris and I are back at square one and moving in two weeks. Wish us luck on finding a decent place to live out there!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tall Boy!!!

We just got Drake's 6 month stats a few days ago. He is 15.5lbs and 27 inches, which puts him in the 15th percent for weight and 80th percent for height! He is growing we think that he has finally found a formula that will work for him which takes some stress off all of us. Solid food has been our latest adventure and banana's are his favorite, I guess that is all he has tried so far but he really likes them. He is getting super strong and just wants to move all the time! He is so close to crawling, as you can see on the video.

On a different note, Chris and I went to find a place to live in Milwaukee (Wauwatosa) last week. We scored a house for the price of most duplexes in the area, and it comes with a garage! (Yeah! No more scraping ice off the windshield) We move out the 29th of July and the week we spent in Wauwatosa really got us excited to live there. We will definitely miss tons of things about SLC, especially our friends and family, but it's nice to know that we are going somewhere that is safe and friendly.