Friday, April 25, 2014


Here are some pictures from our Easter this year.  Be warned, there are lots of pictures. :)

My cute kiddos

I know Sonja is blurry and Lucy is crying, but look how sweet Drake looks. haha!

Cute sisters!
 Our neighborhood had a Easter egg hunt and the Easter bunny came!  Sonja loved the bunny, Drake really could care less, and Lucy was not so sure

Drake searching for eggs

 Our egg hunts Easter morning...  Sonja wanted to wear her fairy costume. :)

Lucy found one on the princess car

But of course Drake and Sonja had to interfere

 And after dinner we had a hunt outside.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sibling love

Sisters!  You can tell Lucy is a little nervous. Sonja is somewhat rough with her at times so Lucy never knows what to expect.

 So Chris and I went to check on the kids one night when we were headed to bed.  Sonja wasn't in her room so we went into Drakes room and this is what we found.  So sweet!

Cheesy Sonja!

Having a picnic in the tent

Noooo! Lucy the destroyer is coming.

So I can not keep clothes on Sonja.  If we are home she is either just in her underwear, wearing this skirt (and only her skirt).  She stripped down when we had friends over so I found a compromise and told her she could wear her swimsuit. So now she will change into that when we come home from somewhere. I guess she is ready for some warm weather!

The Goose!

 Yes, we call her Lucy Goose.  Sorry Teisa. :)  Anyways, Lucy is such a sweet little blessing to our family!  She is a a little cuddle bug and loves to be held.  She also is very sensitive and her little heart breaks if you put her down and then dare to walk away from her.  haha!  But I have to say I love that about her.  I love that she wants to be my buddy all the time and that I can cuddle her any time I want.  Lucy has become a professional at army crawling.  She has been crawling like this for over a month and doesn't seem at all interested in crawling on her hands on knees.  She is super fast at army crawling so I guess she doesn't see any need to change anything.  She also is starting to pull herself up on anything and everything.  She is not stable once she is up but that doesn't discourage her at all.  Lucy loves food (seriously, I have to cut her off from eating most of the time, I don't know if she is ever actually full but i don't know how she can possible fit any more food in her little body).  Anyways, here are some pics of my little sweet baby - please stay a baby forever!