Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye Basinet, Hello Crib

Yea! Drake is now in his own room sleeping in his crib! We moved him into his crib the day after he turned 4 weeks old.He wasn't a loud sleeper but it is nice to have our room back and now we won't be so distracting to Chris when Drake gets up to eat. He transitioned into his crib easily, which was super nice for us! And now he is a big boy who has his own room. Good job Drake!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Career in the Anderson family!

The following is a public service announcement.....

On Christmas the author Sarai Kauka made a special appearance at the Anderson family gathering. OK....the appearance wasn't really special, but Sarai is a legitimate author. Sarai Kauka is the pen name my younger sister, Rashelle Anderson, has chosen to write under. Jenna and I just finished reading her debut novel, Vindictive Lust just after Christmas. We were all surprised with a published novel; we felt like it came out of nowhere. The story follows a young vixen on an eventful quest filled with action, romance and deceit. It is a quick read and shows how much potential Rashelle has as a writer. You can pick it up for a measly $17 at or Rashelle may be selling copies herself (possibly for less than the online price) and she will get more news from her publisher in the next little while regarding that. If you are interested in getting a copy this way, email Jenna or me at or Good work Rash!