Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well .... we survived our first blizzard.
It was a little intense last night with all the winds
and we even had some thunder snow.
We got a bunch of snow but the main problem was the winds.
They were blowing the snow all over.
So, to say the least, we hung out at home today.
Actually, Milwaukee as a whole shut down.
They were telling us to not go out unless absolutely necessary.
But, we did get to go out and play in the snow today after the winds died down.
Drake loved it, as to be expected.
He is so easy to please!
And Chris had a ton of fun playing with Drake too!

Look how high the snow is, it is almost taller than Drake.

Drake's amazing snow man. Actually they made two,
a mommy snowman and a daddy snowman.
I asked Drake where the Drakey snowman was and he just said
"i make that next time"

My boys playing:

Well, you can't really see Drake's face but it is priceless.
He was loving having Chris throw him around in the snow.

Well, now the snow and winds are over and the COLD is coming...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Book Blog!

So I finally decided to start my own
book blog!
I have been putting my books on my book club blog
but decided maybe I shouldn't hog that one anymore.
if you ever need an idea for a book
check out

and if you ever have a suggestion for me
just leave a comment on that blog.
Happy Reading!