Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
We hope everyone had a great weekend, we sure did!
On Saturday we went to our local grocery store for their Easter egg hunt.
Drake had a ton of fun finding little eggs .

waiting patiently (with his duck lips) for them to say "Go."

Look at all those eggs!

Eric (Drake's favorite person ever) and Drake after the Easter egg hunt.

Then on Sunday after church the Easter bunny came and set up a egg hunt for Drake.
As soon as Drake found a egg he wanted to open it up and eat whatever is inside.
(I wasn't brave enough to have Drake die eggs this year, maybe next year.)

The Easter bunny even left a little basket for Drake!
He got a new bath towel, some socks and a Cars camping chair.
Drake was most excited for the camping chair and the eggs,
but he needed the socks and towel so thanks Easter bunny!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Drinks

I have been meaning to make green drinks for a while now,
but I have been a total slacker!
Actually I have been lazy!
Anyways, my sister-in-law Heather has been trying some out and passed on this recipe.
I am sure you all have heard of and/or made these drinks
but I still thought I would share this one.
Drake absolutely loved it, as you will see by the pics.
Anyways, the drink is....
some peaches (canned until they are in season)
pears (same as above)
half a banana
and a handful of spinach.
Some water and/or ice.
But in blender or magic bullet and enjoy!
I made mine in the magic bullet because I don't think I could drink a blender full.
And you pretty much can make these drinks with anything but this is the only one I have tried and the favorite of Heather's and her boys.

Thanks Heather!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We really haven't been up to much lately.
Mostly hanging around the house
waiting for
1) everyone to be healthy and feeling good
2) for it to warm up!
So, here are a few random pictures of what my little mister has been doing:

Playing Puzzles

Hanging with best friend Oliver

Drake is so lovey dovey with everyone.
He has no shame in giving Oliver luv luvs and kissees.

And loving to take off his jammies when he goes to bed.
Now it is starting to warm up it isn't that big of a deal,
but before we had to wake him up every night to put them back on.