Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We sure did. I really got into it this year, which is really weird for me. Anyways, Drake had so much fun! He dressed up as his favorite toy truck - "Red". It is a little firetruck and Chris's mom made his dreams come true by making "big red". Drake definitely got a lot of use out of too. Chris's school had trick or treating on Monday, then we went to a friends house for a little costume party on Friday, zoo trick or treating on Saturday, real trick or treating on Sunday. We then had some friends come over for some post trick or treating chili. Yummy! Busy weekend, but we had so much fun. Enjoy the pics.

Look at my cool little stud muffin!
Being oh so cool as we walk into the MCW trick or treating.
Drake and his best bud Oliver. (not the best pic, I know - sorry)
getting some candy!
Chris and I dressed up as firefighters (again thanks to Lani) so that we could coordinate with Drakey.

I don't know if you can tell but Drake got so sweaty! His hair was so nappy by the time we were done trick or treating.
At the end they had some cupcakes, as you can see, Drake loved his.
Our zoo also had trick or treating and Drake was so happy, animals AND candy!
Our little family in the creepy bird house (and oh so stinky!)
Drake thought that by moving this rock he was fulfilling his fire fighting duties.

Drake and his friend Reese
Carcrash!Drake getting his "la la" on before our Halloween party.I attempted some alien cupcakes, they were fun to make, but oh so sweet!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo Shoot!

While I was in Utah my sister and I took our kids to get their pictures taken. Let me just tell you, it was so chaotic! Emie was great but Drake wouldn't sit still and Bayla was a littler nervous. Anyways, we got some great pics though! I only have the ones of Drake right now, but there was a cute one of the three of them too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We had so much fun in Utah. It went by way too fast. Anyways, here are some more pics of our fun trip.
Drake and Nash doing Drakes favorite thing, playing with trucks in the dirt.
Drake having fun jumping on Beck's tramp!
Drake got so sweaty because he was playing so hard that day. His cheeks were so red and his hair was soaking, but he didn't care. We had to pry him inside so he could eat some yummy dinner.
A fun hike with all of our nieces and nephews (well most of them anyways....)!

We took Drake to the fountains at Gateway for the first time. He loved it. He kept wanting me or my dad (Papa) to go into the water with him though. Baby Bayla (that is what Drake always calls her) loved it too as you can see, Emie on the other hand had more fun watching with TT and Teisa.
This isn't the best picture but i had to post it because Drake loved to wear all of Emie's dress up stuff and then he put her back pack on too. He usually had on Emie's high heels too but I failed to get a picture of that.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Over the Mississippi and through the Rockies...

We all just got home for a much needed vacation to see our families in Utah. We had a great time, especially Drake who got to see all his cousins, aunts/uncles, and grandparents. He was spoiled the whole time because he always had so many friends to play with. These are a few of our favorite pics from the trip.

Drake is turning in to such a character. On the first plane ride he decided that he was going to read the safety manual. I'm sure he was the only one on the plane doing it.

Drake isn't usually nervous about anything, but it was pretty funny to see how much he dislikes witches.
This was a proud moment for us as Drake's parents. Drake's uncle Rob is an incredible sushi chef and made Drake a special mini-sushi roll. Drake looked at the roll and then started shoving the sushi into his mouth. He loved it!

More pics to come of the rest of the trip....