Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sonja is 3!

 Happy birthday to my beautiful princess!  Sonja is such a blessing to our little family. She is such a happy little girl who is also feisty! She loves pink and purple, princesses, skirts and dresses. But she also loves to play whatever Drake is playing, loves to wrestle and play rough with Drake and daddy. Sonja adores Drake and is starting to play better with Lucy (she can be a little rough with little Lulu). Sonja also is so social and loves to play with any and all friends. She loves to play with her 3 year old buddies but can also keep up with the older kids in the neighborhood. One of Sonja's favorite time of day is going to the bus stop with Drake. She thinks its her own little social hour. :) We love you Sonja! We hope you had a great princess birthday!
Princess cake.

The little princesses

The chaos of present opening

Craft time

Playing Princess, Princess, Queen