Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Okay, so I am going to back track a bit.
About a month ago Drake and I went to Utah while Chris studied.
It was so fun to spend time with our families.
Although I felt bad we were having fun and Chris was stuck home by himself studying.
I of course forgot my camera, so these are pics I got from my sister.
Thanks Teisa!

Here is Drake and Emie getting married!
Haha, so a little weird I know.
First of all, they are cousins.
And second, Drake is in a dress.
But Emie said that since it is a blue dress then he still is the "prince".
I guess that works...

We also took the kids to Lagoon!
It was tons of fun, even though I couldn't do any of the rides.
But my Dad happily took Drake on the rides.

Lance also took Drake fishing.
Drake was super excited to go,
but he doesn't really have the patience to wait for the fish to come.
It was a little tricky to keep him from moving the fishing poles.
But, they did catch a fish,
and Drake was more than willing to look at and touch it.
And then we of course let it go.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Chris's sister Heather and one of her little boys, Nash, came to visit us.
Nash just turned 4 and it was so fun to have him here!
Last year, Heather brought her oldest Beck,
maybe next year we will get to have Kai man here!
Drake had so much fun with Nash!
Hopefully Nash had just as much fun.
We tried to do as much as we could but of course it rained, a ton!
But we made the best of it.

We went to Monkey Joe's and played on the slides and bounce houses.

Read books.

One of the climbing gyms here lets Dad's and their families climb for free on
father's day so we definitely took advantage of that!
Look at Nashy go!

Drake's turn.

My climbing boys!

We also went swimming!
We went to a couple splash pools and
a new neighborhood water park just opened up down the street.
We also took them to the pool at the gym when it was raining one day.
We didn't make it to the lake this trip but we still got to swim quite a bit.
Such a cute guy!

Since Drake won't leave the house without a truck we took some to the pools.
They were a big hit!

"Hey Mom, look my hair is all wet!"

We of course went to the Brewer's game!:
Me, Heather, Drake and NashHaha, I thought this pic is funny because the boys could care less about the game,
they are just interested in their snacks!

Thanks Heather for coming to visit us!
We had so much fun.
I am so lucky to have you as a sister-in-law!
We can't wait to see you again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We took Drake camping the other day.
We just went for one night, but I think next time we will stay for 2.
Drake had a blast.
He was in heaven!
There was rocks, sticks, dirt, trucks and water. What more could you ask for?
There was a little lake right by our camp site with a fun little beach that Drake loved.
It was a really nice day but the water was still really cold.
Did that stop Drake? No way!
He made us a little nervous because he would walk into the water and keep on walking.
It didn't matter that the water was up to his chest
or that he was shivering.
He is such a crazy little boy!

Drake made also new friend at the beach.
He followed her everywhere and she was so nice and good to him.
It was especially nice because it gave Chris and I a break!
Playing in the sand:

Drake had his first experience with yummy smores on this camping trip.
I think he liked them. How could you not?

Drake loves being a dinosaur, monster, lion, anything that makes loud sounds.

Drake's new favorite game is hide and seek.
Here are some of hiding spots:

Not really hiding, but it works...
Now he has the hang of it.

Oh how I Love my sweet little boy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dells!!!

Since Chris has a couple weeks off of school right now we decided to make the most of it.
We found a super good deal to go to the Wisconsin Dells and stay for a night.
We stayed at the Wilderness Hotel and it was so fun!
They had 4 indoor water parks and 3 outdoor water parks attached to the hotel.
We all had a blast!
Since I am preggers I couldn't do much,
but it was so much fun seeing my boys have a good time!

Haha, this picture is pretty pathetic, I just had to start with it.
This is right before we headed home.
He definitely played hard!

Now for all the fun pictures!

We of course needed to bring some trucks to play with.
We can't leave the house without at least one truck.

Drake was so excited to go down this by himself.
As you can see, he got a little nervous, but he loved it!

At the end of the day we had some pizza and hung out in our hotel room.
You can't really see it but we did have one accident at the water park.
Drake decided to jump out of a tunnel into the water,
his feet flew out from under him so he landed face first.
He was a trooper though and after a good cry he was ready to keep going.

Settling down for the night.

This is part of one of the indoor water parks.
It was so much fun!
They have these kid friendly parts but also some fun adult slides.
Chris took advantage of those slides,
maybe next time we go I will get a turn!
I am so glad we decided to go and do this.
We were a little unsure since we are on a pretty strict budget.
But we need to take advantage of all the fun things Wisconsin has while we are here.
Who knows, maybe we will go back before we move away from here.
I know Drake would love that!

Friday, June 3, 2011

2 down, 2 more to go!

I can't believe that we only have two more years of medical school left!
(yes, I said we, because even though Chris is the one who is actually in medical school,
I feel like I am right there with him.)
Chris finished his second year a couple weeks ago
and is taking is Step 1 Boards right this second.
He is so amazing!
He has done really well in all of his classes and I know he will do well on this test too!
He has worked so hard these past two years and I think he is ready to get out of the classroom and into the hospital.
He starts his rotations in a couple weeks.
So after today, Drake and I get to spend some good old quality time with him!
We can't wait!
Here are some pics of Chris being such a good dad!
Him and Drake are best buddies!

Good Job Chris!
We are so proud of you.
And we have loved going on this adventure with you!