Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lion



Look at my cute lion.

We went trick or treating at Chris's school on Friday and Drake loved it. He was trying to hoard all of the candy and get as much as he could. How did he already know how to do that? He was being a little shy with the growl for some reason - but we got it out of him a couple times.

A little cat nap (or lion nap) before all the fun.
Trying to get as much candy as possible.

Us and our Drakey.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vampire Weekend

Drake had his first big ouchie this week. He was crawling with a toy and somehow fell on it and cut his gums pretty bad. His mouth literally bled for 1 hour because he would keep irritating it by putting his binkie or other toys in his mouth. It was so gross to see his mouth fill up with blood. Poor guy!

So Drake has been walking along our entertainment center for awhile now. His new thing is to try to crawl into the little cubbie holes. He finally conquered his goal this week. Too bad he doesn't know what to do once he is in there. He tried to turn all the way around but got stuck - so I came to his rescue :).

This is Drake attempting to crawl in there but he was a little hesitant....

The next day, he went for it.

Another picture of "The Destroyer".


My little singer - hopefully he isn't tone deaf like I am.

Monday, October 19, 2009


So the other night I was getting ready for bed and I saw this ...

this obviously is not the actual picture of it, but it was identical to this. So Gross!!!!

On a better note. Drake turned 10 months yesterday!!! He is getting so big and so busy. He already is in a big boy car seat (but still facing backwards). Also, he is starting to get 3 more teeth so he hasn't been in the best mood. Other than that, not much has been going on with us. Chris just finished his block 2 two tests last week. He is glad to have that over with and he did really well!!! His next text week is only 3 weeks away so he already is going to have to buckle down and start studying again. It was nice to have a weekend off of studying though! Drake didn't want to let Chris out of his sight. Well, here are a few pics of Poopie...

He was just so tired

Drakey loving his new car seat.

This is a picture of our front yard. It is so beautiful! The only downfall is that there are train tracks right behind the trees, so it can be very loud!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More pics of Drake

I hope it isn't too boring to just see some pictures of Drake. This is about the best way to keep our families updated on what is going on with Drakey. Drake is the most exciting thing that is going on with us, otherwise it is just same old, same old. So enjoy some pics of my little mister!!!
I also entered Drake in the Great American photo contest so please vote for him at

This is Drake's " What? I wasn't trying to open the cabinets - especially the one with the garbage in it" face.

Drake now waves hello and goodbye!!! Here he is after his bath waving to the camera.

Here is Drake trying to get Chris to stay home and not go to school - or he is just trying to tell him to leave the computer for mom.

Drake got a big boy car seat this week and so I let him play with the box it came in. He loves it - he just constantly crawls in and out, in and out.

Drake tries to suck and eat everything. Here he is eating the strap from his high chair. He is such a weirdo.

Look how cute he is.....

too bad he doesn't like to keep his hat on.