Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making New Friends

Lately I have been thinking about my best friend.
I am so blessed because I have a few best friends.
Obviously Chris is absolutely my best friend,
but recently I realized that I have another amazing, supportive, loving best friend.
It totally makes sense.
We are together ALL THE TIME.
We play together, laugh together, cry together.
We get angry and frustrated with each other.
We miss each other when we are apart.
We confide in each other.
We know EVERYTHING about each other - it is crazy how in tune kids can be, they
seriously see and understand everything.
(Well, I guess I am just hoping that Drake feels these things too.)

Drake is not only my little boy,
he is most definitely one of my best friends.
All this makes me so excited because......
I will be getting another best friend soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Car Show

Chris and Drake had a little adventure to the car show this weekend!
Drake absolutely LOVED it!

Drake is reading up as they are walking in.

Drake loves the movie "Cars" so he was super excited to see these!

This is Drake jumping up and down
he was so excited about the dump truck!

Man, what a great day!
Thanks Dad for taking me on such a amazing adventure!

Tough Guy

At the car show Drake got this tattoo.
He thought it was pretty cool and was all for showing it off in some pics...

Since he had his arms folded
he thought this was the perfect time to say a prayer.
He is such a sweetie!