Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

 This 4th of July we are in Utah!!!!  We went to the Murray parade in the morning, forgot to bring the camera though :(.  Then my sister had a pool party at her house and to end the night of course we had to do some fireworks!

3 little fish!

My brother-in-law's mom painted their cheeks.  So cute!

Drake and TT

Watching some fireworks.

Katie and Reese!

 This month Chris is lucky enough to get to do an away rotation at the University of Utah for his Emergency rotation.  We were so excited to find out that he had been accepted!  Since we were driving again we decided we should stop by and see Katie and Reese in South Dakota.  Her family was super accommodating and even took us boating.  The lake was beautiful and it was a perfect day to be out on the water.

Thanks guys!  We had so much fun!  We definitely miss Katie and Reese so it has been great that we have gotten to see them twice this summer!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Door County Camping

 Since we moved to Wisconsin we have heard from a bunch of people how beautiful Door County is.  It is right on the tip of the peninsula that jets out into Lake Michigan.  So Chris and I decided that we had to try to go camping up there sometime.  Since this is most likely our last summer in Wisconsin, we thought that this was the time to do it.  We spent two nights up there and it was so much fun!  It is amazing!  So pretty, and the little towns up there are so cute.  We didn't spend a ton of time at the towns but I kind of wish we could have walked around a little bit more.  Anyways, we went up with one of our friends and had blast.  They brought their boat so we got to go out on the lake and just relax and enjoy the day.  Drake thought that this trip was so fun.  We played at the lake, the beach, could dig in all the dirt and rocks he wanted, could catch bugs, and have picnics.  What a great time!
Drake was pretty stoked to sit in his 'lightning" chair so we would often find him just relaxing in it.

Drake caught one!  He was so excited and kept telling me that "his mouth was amazing!"  Haha, what a weird kid!

Sonja playing with Eden is some shade.

Nap time!

Sonja was such a trooper and did such a great job with her first camping experience.  She had not problem sleeping and was her happy little self!

 They had a big tower you could climb up to look out over the peninsula and the lake.  It was really beautiful!:

After camping we had to hurry and drive the 3 hours home, pack, go to bed and then get up at 5 in the morning to start our drive out to Utah.  Whew!  It was busy and exhausting, but fun.